Oysters -Tray

Island Pearls Live

$80.00 $100.00


Tray of Oysters!! A Tray is 5 oytsers, for the price of 4!! 

You can choose to have your Tray opened live, and will be opened on the next Live show.  Or, you can choose to have your tray sent home for you to open!

You’re Akoya oyster will contain a beautiful round natural pearl.  Because these oysters are natural, your pearl will be either White, Pink, Blue, Purple, Black, or Red in color and it will be 6mm to 8+mm in size.  It is also possible for you to have “Twins”!

Click here to learn how to open your Akoya Oyster with pearl.

More information on where our oysters are farmed can be found by clicking HERE.

Where sorry but we are unable to ship shells outside the US.  We are also unable to ship Oysters for at home openings outside the US.