About our Oysters and Pearls

About our Akoya Pearls

Our real natural cultured Akoya pearls are imported from the ZhenJing Cultured Pearl Farms located in LiushaGang, ZhanJiang, China. (Pictured below)
We have these high quality beautiful oysters flown in just for you.
We have both natural colored pearls and organically enhanced colored pearls.


Your pearl could be any of the following colors:

 White, Silver, Cream, Peach, Gold, Pink, Salmon, Red, Coral, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, Black, and Brown.


 It will be anywhere from 6mm to 8mm in size.  It is also possible for you to have “Twins”!   Which means there are 2 pearls inside one oyster.

As with anything in nature there is always the chance for oddities and defects. 

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