Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where do the oysters come from?
    • They come directly from  ZhenJing Cultured Pearl Farms located in LiushaGang, ZhanJiang, China.
    • Are they real Akoya Pearls?
      • Yes! They are real akoya oysters!
      • Are the pearls dyed?
        • No, they are not dyed. They are organically enhanced.
      • How do they get their color?
        • They are organically enhanced. They get their colors by whatever they eat. So they are fed specific colors organically to produce the vibrant colors.
        • Can you eat the meat from the oysters?
          • No. These oysters are not for human consumption. They are solely for pearl production only. 
        • How long can I keep the oyster before I need to open it?
          • You do not HAVE to open them immediately. They should store fine for a couple months. However, we suggest storing them in your refrigerator if you do not plan on opening them right away.
        • How do I place an order?
          • You shop this website! Add items to your cart and complete the checkout process. 
        • When will my order be opened?
          • Your order will be opened for the day that you select when you purchase. We open in numerical order, based off your order number.
        • What happens if I am not online for my opening?
          • If you are not online when it is your turn, the hostess will set your order to the side. If you do not come online at any point during our LIVE show, your order will be opened at the end of the show. That way it is easier for you to go back and find your opening to watch.
        • Do you ship internationally?
          • Yes! We ship EVERYWHERE in the world!
        • How much is shipping?
          • Shipping in the U.S. is $8 USD. Shipping to Canada is $15 USD. Shipping to anywhere else in the world is $35 USD. 
        • Can you combine my shipping?
          • Yes and No. Yes, we will do our best to combine your shipping if you have multiple orders for the same day. If we are able to get them all packaged together, we can refund any additional shipping charges.
          • We can not however, combine shipping on orders placed for separate days. Each show is packaged and shipped separately.
        • When will my order be shipped?
          • Your order will be packaged and shipped within a couple days of the opening. 
        • How long does shipping take?
          • Once the item has shipped, generally its 3-5 days in the U.S. and 10-14 days for international. International could potentially take longer, depending on Customs. 
        • We are not responsible for any VAT Taxes or Customs Fees. That is the responsibility of the customer.


            • When will I receive my credit code? 
              • Credit codes are issued within 24-48 hours of your opening.
              • Where can I find my credit code?
                • Credit codes will be sent to the email address you provided when you made your purchase.
                • How do I use my credit code?
                  • The email with your code will have a link for you to shop from. Your credit will automatically be applied to your order and the amount adjusted at checkout.
                • Can I combine my credit codes?
                  • We can only combine credits, if they were all won on the same day. Codes from multiple days can not be combined.
                • Can I use my credit code with an active discount code?
                  • No. The website does not allow anyone to use their credit code and a discount code at the same time. You can only use one or the other.
                • What if I don't use all my credit on my order?
                  • If you do not use all the credit, it will just go away. No credit will be issued for any remaining credit.


                • How do I become a consultant?
                  • We do not have consultants. We are an independently owned and operated business.
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