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248 - Pendant Mount : Island Pearls Live - Sterling Silver

SKU: 248

248 - Pendant Mount :  Island Pearls Live  - Sterling Silver

This long Sterling Silver Bar is beautify engraved with " Island Pearls Live ", included a mounted pearl while supplies last and a 24" Sterling Silver box chain. 

Bar is Height: 1.80 inches (from top to bottom)

Width: .20 inches (at its widest point)

Your purchase includes the mounting of YOUR pearl, for FREE!
Pearls NOT included in the purchase of a jewelry mount.

Here's how to redeem your FREE MOUNTING:
If a pearl is not provided on the day the mount is ordered, we will ship the jewelry mount home to you with an instruction card. You will need to fill out the card, and mail it back to us along with your pearl AND jewelry mount.

If you plan on using a pearl from your order that day, please send us a message, or let the live host know, DURING THE LIVE SHOW, so we know to pull that pearl to go with your jewelry mount.

Once we have both pieces of the mount (pearl & Jewelry mount), please allow 2-3 weeks for completion.

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Mounting restrictions: Pearl size: 3mm to 10mm