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What's up Wednesday!!!


    What's up Wednesday

    • PATTY'S LOOT- Available in singles. 12 packs, and 25 packs, the host will grab a loot pod and open it to reveal a chip. Each chip is a winner of some kind, from sad faces to IPL Items, Gift cards, season items, crystal items, B&BW items and game board moves which could enter you in to win a FULL SIZED DESIGNER BAG, and so much more!


    • Gone fishin'!! $25 a fish! ($18.75) Each time you purchase, Timmy will go fishin'!!! You choose a color and Timmy will grab you a fish. Each one comes with 1 IPL item and a chance at finding.. 10 loose pearls, 2, crapware, 2 bathbombs, 1 $50 credit or 1 Designer wristlet!!!! Lets get fishin'!!!


    • $25 ($18.75) Mystery Stitch- You will get a mystery stitch figurine plus a chance at extras like gems, stitch face masks. SM B&BW sets, crapware, and a designer wristlet!!


    • $50 ($37.50) Snack n' Sip- Each snack container attached cup (your choice first come first choice) comes with some tasty treats and with a guaranteed two IPL gems or oysters, plus a chance ant extra items, sobercough, candy club, bathbombs, a designer wristlet and a DESIGNER PURSE!!!  


    • $75 ($56.25) Mystery plug in and scent- Each wall plug in and mystery scent comes with a guaranteed three IPL gems or oysters, plus a chance at extra items, crapware, $100 IPL credit, bathbombs,  a designer wristlet and a DESIGNER BAG!!!  


    • $75 ($56.25) LED Neon sign- Each light of your choosing (first come first choice) comes with three IPL items of your choice, plus a chance at finding extra IPL goodies, trays, SM B&BW sets, crapware, a designer wristlet or a DESIGNER PURSE!!!