Roeda - SPRING BANNER - R208

Island Pearls Live


 Sure, autumn can match spring in its capacity to bring out nature's most vivid colors.  But spring's arrival generates a special kind of celebration-- not only for the season but for ourselves.  Spring is nature's declaration that "You did it! You made it through another winter!"  If any season deserves a banner, it's spring.  Certainly, it's worthy of one big enough to be strung the width of a street lined with trees in bloom.  But one that's 2.2"H x 6.6"W does quite well when you want to use that banner on a frame or memo board displaying a photo or two.

Each piece of Roeda decorative art is laser-cut from metal and hand-painted--a magnetic work of art.

These embellishments are designed to be combined with our frames and memo boards to form whimsical, colorful, and personalized art for your home. The final creation is up to you!

Includes super strong magnets that will easily hold your notes and photos!

2.2"H x 6.6"W
Hand-painted at Roeda Studio in Grand Rapids, MI, USA.