Island Glass - Lots more to come!

Island Pearls Live


This amazingly beautiful hand crafted glass art jewelry is created from Dichroic Glass(Described Below). Each piece is unique and amazingly crafted. 

Island Glass is handmade and imported for IPL by a family in Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands.  Bonaire is also a small island so it was meant to be part of the IPL family of products. It was a joy to visit this families workshop with auntie Pearl (Photos Below). 

Above is a Map of where Bonaire is located (Bonaire is in the lower right hand corner and pearl shack is in the upper left hand corner.)

(Above are some pictures of the family and their workshop where this amazing jewelry is created.)


Dichroic Glass

Dichroic Glass in a crystal like form, Dichroic is a film that adheres to the surface of the glass. This film surface is made from a combination of metal oxides and crystal quartz. These have been vaporized in a vacuum chamber.  Manufacturers coat the surface of a piece of base glass with layers of metallic oxides.