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  • 24 HOUR SHOW EXCLUSIVE DUCK HUNT GIVEAWAY OVER $9,000 IN PRIZES!  Buy an Oyster or a Gem Find and get a FREE Duck.  If your duck has a number on the bottom of it then you're a WINNER.  Not all ducks will have numbers so good luck. PRIZES YOU MIGHT WIN: $1,000 IPL Shopping Spree, $500 IPL Shopping Spree, $500 IPL Shopping Spree, $20 IPL Credit, Tray of 5 Oysters, Buckets of 5 Gem finds, Single Oyster or Gem Find, Plated Cage and 20" Chain, Pattys Loot (5), Ring Bomb, Pendent Bomb, Gem Fiz

  • PATTY'S LOOT: *Pod poppin' fun continues. EVERYONE IS A WINNER!!!

  • IPL SILLY SACKS: *Everyone is a winner. There will be a limited 250 available every night. You have the opportunity of winning the larger items that are listed below also included will be fun holiday items as well as candy and such... OVER $3,200 IN PRIZES: 1 - FULL SIZED COACH, 1 - COACH WRISTLET, 2 -$100 CREDIT, 50 - OYSTERS/GEMS, 15 - PLATED CAGES, 20 - $15 CREDIT, 11 - $25 CREDIT, 110 - Entries into the IPL Vegas Trip or $1,000 IPL Shopping spree. The above items are based on 500 bags (2 shows)

  • WALL GAME: *Each hostess will have there own variant on this wall game.  You will get to pick your fate by picking your item from the wall.  Your selection will have at least $58 in IPL value.  Some other items you could win are Trays, Buckets, IPL Credit, Patty's Loot, Silly sacks, Pendant/Gem/Ring Bombs! 

 * Any Plated Cages won, will be selected from our "Quick Pick" bucket. You do not get to choose your cage. These cages will come with a 20" chain.

* Any credit received will be snt to the email address you provided at checkout, within 24-48 hours.  Credit codes are valid for 4 weeks.

* Bonus items may be different from items shown in pictures but these are a general idea of what to expect.